What we do

Solutions for Amazon Marketplaces (3P)


Terra Nova offers a complete Marketplace Management Solution, specialising in Amazon (3P) and eBay to help you Maximise your eCommerce potential on these channels. 

What we do

Solutions for Amazon Marketplaces (3P)


Selling on Amazon offers so many benefits but it is not without its challenges. Terra Nova works to manage all of these challenges for and  with our clients so that we can effectively launch and manage our marketplace strategy that delivers results: 


  • Test New Markets 
  • Acquire New Customers
  • Gain Valuable Market Insights 
  • Drive Brand Awareness
  • Increase Revenue – Grow Online Sales.
  • Deliver enhanced customer experience 

strategy development

  • Establishing your Objectives
  • Developing an International Strategy
  • Global FBA

brand representation

  • Develop Marketplace Presence
  • Streamline Content
  • Drive Brand Visibility
  • Brand Protection
  • Customer Service

optimized content

  • Optimised Product Listings
  • Translation and Localisation
  • SEO & PPC

marketing advertising

  • Ongoing Listing Optimisation
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Managing Marketing Metrics

sales & inventory managment

  • Sales Management
  • Stock Management & Forecasting
  • Marketplace Account Health

financial compliance

  • Marketing Cost Management
  • Global VAT Compliance
  • Cross Border Payments
  • Monthly Sales & Performance Reports

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