Our commitment to innovation is crucial to supporting our prime objective of delivering high quality services at all times. Our introduction of battery-powered office cleaning equipment and environmentally friendly materials, together with our flexible and responsive approach to needs onsite, are amongst the features that put us in a league of our own. The combination of our highly experienced centralised helpdesk and our proactive account management, which keeps us in regular contact with each client, means that you can have complete confidence in the services we provide. Our unique Recruitment process ensures that the right staff resources are always available onsite, too.
An Office can be judged by its staff, infrastructure and by its efficiency, but the impression given by an office is decided only by its hygienic conditions. Stains of a coffee mug, spilling of paint or anything out of order is always ugly to the eye. We, with our office cleaning services, always make sure that nothing in the office department gives a bad impression of your workplace.
Most of our clients are office owners, we cleans the offices from top to ground floor & also cleans the windows, carpets, washrooms, and drains throughout. Since it’s not a single day task, We clean the office/property on a daily, weekly, twice a month, or monthly basis.
If more people working inside the office, extensive cleaning is needed. In such case, our clients opt for either every day or twice a week cleaning & maintenance services. Our Office Cleaning services are carried out carefully ensuring that no damage is made to the property, furniture and fixtures.

When you are looking for professional office cleaners, you can be assured that Sentrex provides a complete and dependable office cleaning service.

If you are looking for an efficient and reliable daily or nightly office cleaning service in Dublin then Lovco has the right office cleaning package for you.

We will work to meet your office cleaning requirements and find the right cleaning solutions that are best for you, the client. Whatever the size of your business, our personal and cost effective approach will ensure that your business is the top priority. An expert office cleaning staff will tailor an office cleaning program to meet your needs.

We can survey your premises; offer a thorough evaluation, an affordable quotation and a detailed answer to your office cleaning needs.

Whether your company requires daily office cleaning services, weekly or monthly, we will customize an office cleaning program for your business.


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December 15, 2014