Decomposition Cleaning

LCI Facility Maintenance provide a decomposition cleanup and decontamination service for customers, the surrounding area and the rest of the UK.
Unfortunately death does not always happen to people who are socially active and would be immediately missed if they don’t return a phone call. Unattended deaths, more often than not, it happens to an older individual who is retired and mainly keeps to themselves. In these cases, unexpected deaths can can go unnoticed for long periods of time before it is discovered.

Once a body dies, we all start to decompose within hours of the event and unfortunately, the smell that accompanies this is often the first sign of an unattended death. The only way to permanently remove the odor is by removing every trace of biohazardous waste. This can include and is not limited to disposing of any furniture soiled with body fluids, cutting out walls, cupboards, floor tiles, bedding, floorboards etc. Once all the biohazardous materials are removed we begin the odour removal treatment.. This process is very precise and is not as simple as spraying some nice smelling chemicals in the air. Although, it may mask the odour for a while, it is in no way a permanent odor removal solution and the smell will quickly reappear.

Many people assume this cleaning is the responsibility of the police, or local authority to carry out this task, the truth is that this is rarely the case.

These type of situations are not pleasant for the family who are often confused, upset and in shock and once the emergency services have left, are often forced to deal with the aftermath which piles even more pressure on them. LCI Facility Maintenance have vast experience in situations like these and will deal with everything on your behalf and always conduct themselves in a professional, respectful, understanding and sympathetic manner at all times.


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December 15, 2014