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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should Marketplaces be a part of our eCommerce strategy?

 There are so many reasons why but perhaps the most important is because so many consumers are choosing these channels as their preferred online shopping channel. Marketplaces meet the consumers demands for Convenience, Certainty, Choice, Value and Trust.

96% of EU and US online consumers shop on marketplaces. It is estimated
that within 5 years Marketplaces will account for 70% of all online business to consumer sales.

Marketplaces are firmly established as part of the online eCommerce landscape and when integrated into your business planning can offer a
wide range of benefits including but not limited to: a global reach, increased revenues, brand awareness, the ability to test new markets and
access to valuable market research and insights.

Why begin with Amazon?

Amazon has transformed the eCommerce landscape, being at the forefront of the Marketplace evolution. The number of goods sold, sellers on the platform and growth rates speak for themselves. It has continually
outgrown the market in recent years, gaining market share.

In recent years it toppled Google as the default place to search for products. It currently boasts a 54% share of all product searches.

Amazon increasingly wants to work with brands (3P sellers) to improve their brand representation and customer experience. We can help you to leverage the opportunity presented by Amazon while ensuring that your presence on this channel is aligned to your broader brand positioning.

How do I manage VAT obligations?

Terra Nova is fully VAT compliant across the USA, Australia and throughout the EU. We will fully manage all VAT requirements on your behalf and will provide monthly reports to your accounts team.

Why outsource your marketplace management to an agency such as Terra Nova?

Put simply because we know this space! We have been working on Amazon and Ebay Marketplaces for over 10 years.

Marketplaces and the technology platforms that support them are
continually evolving. Our team and all of our partners are continually learning and training to ensure that we are on top of all of these changes.

Marketplaces offer such great opportunities but they are a challenging space to manage. Let us simplify the entire process for you!

Will a marketplace strategy affect my current distribution?

We believe that your Marketplace presence should complement your existing sales channel. It must however be aligned with your overall brand strategy. To do this you have to control and manage the channel just like any other.

In recent times Amazon have worked to develop a range of tools and offerings that help to support brands in protecting and managing their brand but also in terms of developing their brand representation and consumer experience.

By excluding Amazon or other marketplace channels you are potentially excluding a huge number of potential customers. We recommend that Amazon should be run in conjunction with your own website. Amazon will help you to drive an International reach, additional sales, test new markets and so on while your website will enable you to continue your own customer acquisition strategy.

How do I get started?

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of help to your business.

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