About US



01. Our Purpose

We are driven by the belief that through our expertise, use of latest technology and a passion for brands we can make a positive difference to our customers businesses.

02. Our Values

We believe in working partnerships, a shared communication, transparency and delivering results!

03. Our Offering

Terra Nova offers a complete Marketplace Management Solution, specialising in Amazon (3P) to help you Maximise your eCommerce
potential on this channel.

Proven Success

Our Story

Our story began over 10 years ago when curiosity drove us to review Amazon and eBay as supplemental channels to own eCommerce business. As we saw the global potential of these channels and experienced the sales results they delivered we immersed ourselves within them. We have been at the forefront of these Marketplace channels ever since. The pace of change has only accelerated in recent years. Marketplaces are rapidly and continually shifting the trajectory of the eCommerce landscape. Their success can be attributed to the fact that they meet consumers demands for Convenience, Certainty, Choice, Value and Trust. Every brand needs a clear, flexible and considered marketplace strategy if it is to thrive in this rapidly evolving retail environment. Our team is here to help you develop the optimal strategy for your brand. 

Our team combines a number of key passions – entrepreneurs at heart we love new projects and seeing results for our clients. We believe in solution orientated thinking and processes, leveraging technological solutions and thinking globally. We love brands and having the opportunity to work with our clients as an integral part of their overall brand strategy. We have a wealth of experience in brand management and effectively managing marketplaces as part of an integrated brand strategy. We partner with a wide range of experts worldwide ensuring a high degree of specialisation, cost efficiencies and scalability.


What We Do Best

Strategy Development

Establishing your Objectives, Developing and International Strategy, Global FBA.

Brand Representation

Develop Marketplace Presence, Streamline Content Drive Brand Visibility Brand Protection, Customer Service.

Content for Succcess

Optimized Product Listings, Translation and Localisation, SEO & PPC.

marketing and Advertiseing

Ongoing Listing Optimization, Marketing Campaigns Managing marketing Metrics.

Inventory management

Sales Management, Stock Management & Forecasting, Marketplace Account Health.

Finacial Compliance

Marketing Cost Management, Global VAT Compliance, Cross Border payments, Monthly Sales & Performance Reports.

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